Thursday, October 20, 2011

Voli The Entity (Look Book)

I haven't been a fan of Voli very long. In fact, the first song I heard from him was "Autumn Air" and I can't even tell you exactly when and where I got it from, but it ended up on my "Good Music" playlist.  I listened enough to know the words, but I still had no idea who Voli was.  Fast forward to J. Cole's Any Given Sunday #1 and the song "Pity" which was produced by Voli. Of course I loved that song off the jump and Voli's verse definitely stood out, but again, I still didn't really know who he was. Then, I hit up a few sessions of Omen's (Afraid of Heights drops 10/31/11) listening room. He played Voli and talked about him quite a bit. So then I'm thinking, Voli is someone I need to get up on. Then in September, Voli dropped In The Meanwhile and it was a done deal. I loved it! Everything about it! So I come to find out a little more about this amazing producer/emcee. His lyrics really speak to EVERYMAN and his musical composition and samples are super creative. Elite's "Gone" is a prime example (and I love INDIAN music!!).  So on to the look book. Much to our excited and hyper surprise, Voli was on the bill for a performance at A3C, so we had to jump on the opportunity. Awesome performer! Super happy that we got to see him live! So you've seen the show photos, you've seen the performance, now we give you the official Hip Hop ChicZ Artist Look Book. Interesting situation doing a photo shoot after a performance in a place crowded with hip hop heads, but I think it turned out pretty cool. Ladies, you might want to take a seat for this one. ;-)

Stay tuned for the interview...coming soon!!!

-Photo Chic

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