Saturday, November 5, 2011

HipHopChicZ Drop Our 3 Little Digs!!!

Photo Chic with Groove Chambers
So, as some of you may know, our blog is still pretty fresh and when I say fresh I mean new (but we're the other fresh too!) with barely a year under our belt. Another new blog that we LOVE goes by the name of and they just celebrated their first year of existence, too. What we love most about them is their original content and their segment that gives them their namesake: 3 Little Digs. They've asked some of our favorite emcees that have rolled through Tree Sound Studios, such as J. Cole, Rapsody and Dee-1, what their 3 Little Digs are (essentially 3 favorite things). We've been fans of their videos since we started So when we went to Altanta, GA for A3C we were super excited to see Groove Chambers hanging out. Of course we had to go introduce ourselves, so that's exactly what we did. Little did we know that the 3 Little Digs cameras would get turned on us!!! A major moment for us as fans of the hip hop culture.  We got 3 Little Digged!!!  So without further ado...probably one of the top moments of 2011 for us:

During Atlanta's A3C Hip Hop Festival, 3 Little Digs caught up with part of the Hip Hop ChicZ. Watch as Photo Chic and Mixtape Chic share their 3 Little Digs.

-Photo Chic

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