Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday: Voli-Here

This song originally surfaced at the end of 2010, but got new life when Voli released "In the Meanwhile." Voli raps, produces and sings and we get a taste of all of it on this track. Voli's music is relatable, especially to the average person in the everyday struggle of life.  I picked this one because I love the lyrics, so here they are:

What would I be if I lost
the key to my pulse
The beat of my drum
the memory of my home
I know you think you see me before your eyes
but my mind is off in that sky
I am not Here
I am not HERE

Think of the days when I was younger
My father knew it all
mama was like an angel, never caught her doing wrong
couldn't wait to be grown up, sleelpin late as I wanna
Tooth Fairy and Santa, couldn't wait for them to show up
thought I could be a hero, Captain Planet never thought that I could be a zero
When I was older, thought I could be a superstar
That almost faded like the image of a shooting star
So let me sing you my song
bury my soul in the words of a verse that will never end
I tell my future to open the door I’m stepping in
hey father time stop dead beatin get your kid
enough to make a man religious, searchin that crystal ball for an image
wishing we would(wood) surface, but it’s all in the finish
Tomorrow's not promised
but the future is ours, Ironic


Where did he go - o
Where is the man that I know
I search for the pieces I damaged
love me or hate me I vanished
I am not here, I am not here

the sun rise in the East, where the winters get cold
and the guys wanna cheat, when the women get old
you work your whole life, now recession got your wealth
outta retirement in Costco stocking shelves, ughhh
Damn homey, in college you were the man homey
what the fuck happened to you
huh, I gotta ball, gotta show like its half time
trying rise, trying peak before the flat line
the beat of your heart is what keeps you from dying
but what keeps you alive, are we living alive
yea, I know you thinkin you fly
but I’m outta space where the stars shine brighter
and I know I'll stay high for as long as I light up
now, the mirror showing what I nearly lost sight of
this pilot got a very long flight up, goodbye


I try to budget between that life that I'm up in
and the life that I covet
will I pay the credit bill, or buy the mic that I've wanted
who could show me the balance, who could help me to challenge
what I know, I wonder will my talent ever to show
maybe I'll lose a few friends to my destiny
maybe I'll make amends with my enemies
maybe my job will finally get rid of me
I ain't waitin till they decide (the side)
I'm the dinner meat

Momma please don't cry
I promise you the sky
I'll show you why you worked that 9 to 5
I'll make you proud
It’s not just all in vain
I'll heal you of your pain
So let me lead the way


Download the entire mixtape called "In The Meanwhile" right HERE!

-Photo Chic

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