Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday: Wale - Illest B*tch

Whenever I mention this song, people always go straight to the fact that Wale used the word “b*tch” instead of something else. There are so many different ways to use this word but it is almost always thought to be mean or cruel. It personally did not bother me due to the fact that he was not using it in a malicious context. This song was meant to be uplifting and praising of the amazing women that he may have come across. In the first verse he flows about the working mom struggling to do what she needs to do for her kid(s); then goes to the bliss of pregnancy. His second verse initially touches on the absent father. His wordplay is creative and masterful in this verse: “Ain’t seen his seed in 14 days, that n**** too weak.” The words “too weak” can also be construed as “two weeks” which equals 14 days. He then goes on to speak about double standards on women, the unbelievable self-consciousness women have about their body. There is nothing demeaning about this song. This song is deeper than the title that was put on it. If you didn't care for it the first time, it wouldn't hurt to listen again.

-Mixtape Chic

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