Saturday, April 21, 2012

Denzil Porter (Look Book)

The first song I heard by the man known as Denzil Porter was his 2010 release "Intuition."  This song touched on a couple who rather than being open and talking about their feelings sought refuge in the arms of others, which led to the exposure of HIV to four parties.  The unrefined lyrics of a pandemic in our society was hair raising and seamlessly done.  Porter's also got this great musical parody of sorts called "Kanye West" (I know I can't sing n*gga lol) -- this song killed me!

In all seriousness, this Bronx-raised artist has a versatile flow that sets your mind at ease.  His performance energy is contagious and you can't help, but bob your head in rhythm with your raised hand.  His style ranges from a laidback vibe to a more "conscious" flow that is thought provoking.  I highly recommend you check out his mixtapes, including his most recent "Home made music;" you will be refreshingly surprised.  I'm excited to watch Porter continue to grow his musical talents and raise hell in the industry!

-Network Chic

It was a pleasure getting to shoot this man. He is an excellent emcee making all the right moves that we appreciate here at Check him out!

For all things Denzil Porter, please visit his site at and follow him on twitter if you haven't done so already: @DenzilPorter.

-Photo Chic

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